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LEAN can support you in a wide array of legal disputes regarding your business, ranging from internal decision-making and agreements to merges, acquisitions and preventing disputes with shareholders and directors. As a trusted advisor, we always strive to deliver the best and simplest solution to our clients.

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From experience, we know that banks, insurance companies, asset- and financial managers tend to find and cross the limit of financial legislation. Do you, as a individual investor, business owner or consumer, have a conflict with one of those financial parties or do you seek help with setting up a investment fund? LEAN can support you, on a individual or collective base.


Change is the only steady factor when it comes to labour law. A broad, up-to-date knowledge base is key in this practice area. LEAN supports businesses, directors and managers and advises in both 'day-to-day' labour disputes, but also in specific legal matters like reorganizations. As a trusted advisor, we aim to deliver the best and simplest solution.

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You get involved in a bankruptcy or your business experiences some financial rough times. LEAN is experienced when it comes to insolvency law and gladly advises you about the risks when it comes to a (approaching) bankruptcy or suspension of payments, but LEAN also advises about the possibilities of a restructuring, agreement of pre-pack. LEAN is a capable partner in every situation where a insolvency practitioner is involved. We think ahead with suppliers that like to limit their risks when it comes to the (potential) bankruptcy of a business partner.

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